Friday, August 29, 2008

Chelsy's Heroes- helping the military and their families.

I have started helping a fund raiser called Chelsy's Heroes. Their goal is to raise money to send care packages to military serving overseas. They also try to help families here at home that are struggling financially. It is a great cause! The site is and I have created my own little fund raising site for them here: where you can shop, register for websites and more, and everything you do helps. Some sites give a percentage of the sales and others give a flat rate for registering or making a purchase. And all of it goes to Chelsy's Heroes!

Right now I am struggling with trying to get any traffic to the site, let alone raising any money. I use some traffic exchanges but they haven't been effective. I belong to a few social sites where I have let my friends know about it but they don't seem interested either. Many sites don't allow advertising. Know of a place where I can advertise this for free I would love to hear about it!!

*Just a thought...if you have a loved one overseas then go to the site and let them know and they will add them to the list of recipients! I haven't gone over that portion of the site much so I am not aware of any criteria or anything but it is worth checking out!

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