Monday, March 16, 2009

Saving my online earnings at Mypoints-making and keeping resolutions update.

Mypoints (Join MyPoints NOW!)
is a site where you earn gift cards based on your participation. You can earn points from bonus mails (5 points per mail), signing up for offers from MyPoint partners, buying from hundreds of well-known stores online, searching the web using their toolbar and more. If you are an active online shopper you can earn a lot of gift cards on this site. If you are like me and mainly use the free features like the toolbar and the e-mails you can still earn a decent amount of gift cards throughout the year and it is so simple. I even earned points by doing my taxes!

I cashed out my last Mypoints gift card in December. So I started with a low balance at Mypoints in 2009 (I cannot remember the exact number of points I had).

As of April 6, 2009 I have 2501 points- enough to get a $10 gift card with some left over. To get a $25 gift card I need about 3500 points (most $25 gift cards are between 3250-3750 points).

My daughter's 4th birthday is coming up but I am not redeeming anything yet. I am very proud of myself. Last year I would have redeemed for gift cards as soon as I had the minimum amount of points. I would have spent them on myself for something like a night out to eat. This year I am saving them for birthdays and Christmas or for general household needs and/or home improvements- Lord knows we have plenty of home improvements that need to be done.

One exception is that I might be buying myself a steam cleaner from

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