Thursday, May 28, 2009

ADHD- Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder on Gather

I recently took over the ADHD group on Gather and am extending an invite to anyone that has ADHD, a family member with ADHD or wants to learn more or share what they know with the group. It's also open to people who are dealing with similar disorders or issues that sometimes go along with ADHD, though this will be our main focus.

This is a moderated group and only subjects pertaining to the topic will be permitted. If you aren't sure about something, submit it and I'll approve or deny. But please do not submit anything totally unrelated!

I would prefer that pictures be limited and will probably only accept ones that have the ADHD or similar tag, so that our group tags are not cluttered with non-related tags. But every so often I'll accept some pictures that seem appropriate (see current group images to understand).

I hope that you will consider joining if ADHD affects your life and please consider reposting old material that would fit to the group. After weeding out the bad content we went from over 10 pages to less than 2 (though it still says 10?). So we need some fresh stuff to read! Plus with the few pictures I've approved it has changed the popular tags to unrelated topics, which I've said before I don't want (I am trying to get this group picked up by Google and while I don't know a lot, I do know that totally unrelated topics will not help at all).

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