Monday, June 22, 2009

The Crystal Light Waterway Challenge

At the end of May I participated in a week-long challenge to drink more water, improve my health, body and mood and create a good habit. I recorded a journal entry for every day during the challenge to share what I was going through- how I felt when drinking enough water every day, whether or not it was easier to drink more water when incorporating flavors like Crystal Light (I received three boxes of Crystal Light and a really cool Eddie Bauer water bottle for the challenge from Gather) and what the hardest part of the challenge was.

My journal entries can be read here:

Day 1: I Pledge to Drink More Water

Day 2: Why Am I So Tired?

Day 3: I Gave In & Had Coffee But I'm Still Drinking Water

Day 4: Learning To Balance

Day 5: Getting Into Habits

Day 6: Trying Something New

Day 7: Continuing to Challenge Myself

Day 8: New Beginnings

I continue to challenge myself and try to drink enough water every day (at least 8 glasses) and I continue to incorporate Crystal Light because I have trouble drinking 8 glasses or more of plain water. It really helps when the water where I am doesn't taste very good- the Crystal Light hides that! Since the challenge has ended I have NOT lost weight but my skin is improving a little bit. I have only had soda twice since I began that challenge so I am doing really well with that. I have not stopped drinking coffee.

Thanks for reading!

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