Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My Sony Digital Camera is Broken :(

And I'm heartbroken! This camera has been with me since 2003- SEVEN YEARS! I got it for my birthday in January, 2003 and it's been my pal ever since. It was a $200 Sony Cyber-shot DSC-P32 3.2 mega pixel camera. Now you can get 3 times more mega pixels for less money, but back then it was a big deal! This baby even took video and came with smart zoom, which means that instead of zooming before you take the picture you zoom after you snap. I'm not sure it was a feature I loved but it worked for us. The memory stick it came with was 12MB...Really! It held 10 pictures taken at the 3.2 mega pixels. If we lowered the picture quality we could get up to 50 maybe. Those pictures looked awful though- very blurry. But it was mine and it was fabulous! A few years later I found a 256MB memory stick on Ebay for less than $10 and since then I've never filled the memory. I'm pretty good about getting them off the stick and onto the computer.

My wonderful Sony has seen the good and the bad- lots of love and care but it's also stood up to sand on the beach, drool and sticky fingers from kids, and plenty of drops. I seriously thought this camera could survive anything! So I didn't think much of the day a few weeks ago when I was toting the camera in my purse and my stupid water bottle leaked. The camera didn't even get that wet and definitely wasn't completely submerged like some of the items in my bag. It was damp and I was able to dry it off in seconds. I immediately took out the batteries and the memory stick and left everything open so the inside could dry out. I never thought this would be the death of my Sony camera.

I'm really sad about my loss and with our 4th baby due in 4 weeks I am frantically searching for something in our price range (zero!) that will also work well for my subjects- fast-moving children and our lifestyle. I'm not sure that I could ever find something as reliable or sturdy as my wonderful Sony but I'm hoping for something that comes close. But I need SOMETHING! When my third, Jonas, was born Jason forgot to charge the batteries in the camera (I was more concerned with other matters, like delivering a baby) so we have no functional pictures of him in the hospital. We declined the hospital photos because of the price. My friend used her cell phone (and I was SOOO grateful that she was there and took pictures) but the quality is so poor that I wouldn't even be able to print up a wallet of him. It made me really sad and I don't want to experience that again. Based on history, I won't ask to borrow anyone's camera or for them to send me pictures because it's likely that neither would happen. In other words, I will not rely on anyone else to help because it probably won't happen!

I sort of want another Sony because I had such a fantastic experience with it the first time around. But I have to keep much in mind, like cost, while shopping for my next camera. If I end my Sony relationship I end it by saying that we had a great history together and I don't regret a moment!

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