Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Make money at Wellness 360

You won't get rich but you will make a few bucks a money just by keeping track of what you eat, watching exercise videos, reading health articles and other easy things. You can sign up for free here: Wellness 360

My favorite way to rack up points is with the food intake tool. You simply enter what you have eaten for the day (or days if you miss a few). If others have entered the same food before then you will be able to make a selection from the list and it will save you the time of entering calories and nutritional info.

Keeping track of your earnings is very simple. You receive points for participating on the site but you can also see how much money you are making when you view your report. I have consistently made about $3 a month but I do not visit the site daily. If you visited every day and utilized all of the tools and articles available you would probably make about $10 a month. When you refer friends you can make even more. They pay quarterly, when you have made $25 or more.

Just as cool as making money, they keep track of your caloric intake so that you can monitor your eating habits. Very helpful if you are on a diet or trying to get/stay healthy. By keeping track I know that I have lost 5 pounds since joining the site and it helps me want to keep working on it!

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