Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Bit the Bzz bullet and got the Game Wave system

I am a Bzz Agent and recently was offered a campaign called the Zapit Game Wave Game System. The catch- this one I would have to pay for. $50. I love games so the siren song was powerful.
I bought it! It is my Christmas AND birthday present. I wasn't going to get myself anything and normally I wouldn't spend money on a Bzz campaign but Jason (boyfriend) spent $40 on an Everquest 2 expansion pack without discussing it with anyone first (he said there was no discussion- he was going to buy it no matter what). So I decided that I would try out the Game Wave, a DVD game console by ZAPiT Games. Plus it could be a present for the entire family if everyone ends up liking the games that came with my order.
I signed up for the campaign kind of late (the very beginning of December) so I figured that it would come either right before Christmas or possibly even after. But to my surprise it came super fast. It arrived less than 2 weeks after I placed my $50 order. In addition to the system (which has a suggested retail price of $99, comes with 4 remotes...and includes batteries, matching remote dock, all cables that you will need and one trivia game) I got 2 additional remotes and 4 additional games. The extra games are Rewind- a trivia game, Letter Zap!- a word game that can be played two different ways, Gemz- a color/shape matching game and Click!- a game that is a race to solve a mystery puzzle. The 4 extra games come in dvd sleeves instead of cases. Bad when you have young kids but good if you take it with you a lot.
The system is meant to be a multi-player game. Up to 6 people can play at once. It is a family game system so even kids can play. Right now there are 13 games offered and it says they are all are violence-free. It also doubles as a DVD player. Very cool!
I checked out the website to learn some more info:
It goes into detail about the games that are available (I hope I can buy Veggie Tales in the future!) and where you can find one in a physical store (looks like it is available a mostly religious stores but there is a map to show exact locations). You can also purchase everything online. You can even try out one of the games on the site. Reviews and other information also available.
Stay tuned to read about my experiences with the Game Wave...!

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