Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I'm certain my head will explode at any minute!

We had a good Christmas despite not having much money to spend. Ok...we had NO money to spend. But I did spend some anyway because kids don't understand that. Jason and I got a few nice things too, including an awesome quesadilla maker that is the best thing ever! I tried it out last night and fell in love. It was like at first sight but love at first bite. It makes some darn good quesadillas. I can put just about whatever I want in it as long as I put it in a 10 inch tortilla. That was MY favorite Christmas present!
We also got some grocery gift cards which really helped out on my last shopping trip. I haven't been to the store in a couple of weeks so I really filled my cart. This was the first time in months that Jason kept the baby (Jo is really sick so I insisted he had to stay home). I just had to take one of the others so I took my daughter and dropped her off at the grocery store's tree house (best idea ever). I got to the register and my bill totalled $310 before my card savings. After card savings, the bill totalled $199. Over $100 in savings isn't bad. I had 3 or 4 coupons too which helped make it that low. I used our two $20 gift cards so I only had to pay $159. Cart overflowing, I made it home and crashed on the couch, announcing loudly that I was NOT bringing anything in. I am really sick too. Jason got the hint and brought everything in and even put it away. I helped a little with that. Then I am hungry so I go and raid our newly stocked kitchen only to find that there is NOTHING. Yeah, there is plenty but I didn't get anything I could just grab and eat. Too bad sandwiches don't make themselves. I am not feeling well enough to cook AND eat. Just eat.

I browsed the bills and this is where the exploding head comes in. Car and house payments are due right now: $1000. Gas bill is almost $800. Electric is almost $400. They are both due immediately. Plus the water bill, phone bill, sewer/trash bill and a few others I know my head is avoiding. I practically peed my pants reading our latest gas bill because I know we couldn't have possibly used as much as they are saying we are. Our gas dryer is broken and we don't overuse our heat. Yet the bill shows that we used TWICE as much gas as we did last December. Last December we had a freakin gas dryer. This December we don't, and nothing else has changed. So how on Earth has it doubled? We do qualify for LIHEAP which helps with your gas or electric bill over the winter months if you can't afford it. Unfortunately unemployment still doesn't send paystubs and Jason STILL hasn't called them (he tried one day for 15 minutes but gave up after the busy signal started to drive him nuts) to get a copy of what he is being paid. Every time you try to call unemployment the line is BUSY. Always busy. My mom was trying to get her paystubs from them and spent 5 hours calling them nonstop. FIVE HOURS! She said she just kept hitting re-dial over and over again. And they don't let you request or access info like that online. They should, considering you can't call them. I just want to cry. Can't get the LIHEAP without proof of income but can't get proof of income because the unemployment office is too busy. I wonder if I can tell them that and just send them a copy of our initial statement of what he will make...? Probably not. It's what he makes every week but that would just be too easy for everyone.

I am absolutely not making enough cash online to pay all these outstanding bills.

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