Friday, October 24, 2008

I Don't Search for Free.

And neither should you!
Why would you search for free when you could win prizes or earn money to search the internet. I belong to a handful of "paid to search" sites. Some of them randomly give out points (or their currency of money) when you search, some pay per search. Most of them give you entries into contests for every search you perform.

My favorite is Swagbucks. At Swagbucks you search and they randomly give out "swagbucks" that vary from 1-5. It might go higher than 5 but that is the highest amount I have ever won. Every buck you win can be redeemed for prizes. If you search daily you will likely win 30 or more swagbucks every month. Prizes can be redeemed starting at 6 Swagbucks, though the amount changes with promotions. Right now they have a bunch of baseball cards that are mostly 10 swagbucks. 6 Swagbucks will get you a $5 e-certificate to a site called Overdrive Electronics. A $5 gift card is 45 Swagbucks and a $5 Starbucks giftcard is 50 Swagbucks. These amounts can change from time to time. They have tons of prizes under 100 Swagbucks and more are added all of the time. If you are not impatient, like I am, you can save for a really big prize like the WII Fit for 1200 SBs, the PSP for 1600 SBs and much more. I use Swagbucks for my homepage so that I can search everytime I get on the computer! I have redeemed 253 Swagbucks to date and currently have almost 40 SBs ready to cash in. I have primarily choosen Starbucks gift cards but have also picked out one gift card. I think this time I will try to save a little longer, especially since I now trust this site to pay!

Next is My Search Funds. MSF pays money for every search. They pay in pounds instead of dollars. There are two ways to use MSF to earn money. You can set your search box to be MSF. That is what I have done. Once I have won my Swagbucks for the day I move over to MSF to make some money. You can also make it your home page. Since I already have my homepage I don't use this option. The most I have made in one day at this site is .44 pounds. (sorry, I don't know how to get the symbol). Mostly I only do a search or two a day. So my earnings there are pretty slow. This site also has some fun gadgets, especially if you want to make it your home page. You can customize it to show a variety of things like news, currency converter, blogs, games and more. I have set mine up but it would be more worth it if it was my home page.

Stay tuned for more of my favorite search sites!

Always remember that you must follow the terms of every site so that you do not violate them and lose everything!

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