Monday, October 27, 2008

Free stuff for watching commercials? Sign me up!

If you have some spare time, this site is pretty neat. At Spotwinner you earn points, or "SpotCash", for watching television commercials and rating them. You also earn entries into contests that are held on a regular basis. Entries for the contests can also be earned by playing games and more. And people actually win! I have a few connections on a social site that have won some great prizes like cash, PSPs, picture frames and more.
I didn't really want to sign up at first but I got SO jealous seeing how often they were winning things so I finally signed up and I am glad I did! I have only been on the site for about 2 weeks and don't sign on daily. But I still won 100 SpotCash. You can use these points for a variety of gift cards. Free gift cards- can't beat it! Plus the chance to win great prizes! With Christmas coming up I don't want to miss the chance to win something that I could give as a gift- just another way to save money :) Definately a site worth checking out.

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