Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Move Over Fantasy Football!

I never understood fantasy football. Betting on something that doesn't exist never made sense. Now I sort of get it because I have found Fantasy Stock Trading!
There is a site called Wall Street Survivor where you get $100,000 (pretend of course) to use "buying, selling and trading" stock. Everything on the site is in real time (with a delay unless you upgrade). So you can see what would really happen if you invested. A good way to get practice if you are thinking about buying stocks in the future. And fun if you will never have the money to do it for real! I just signed up a few days ago and "bought" a few stocks. I also "sold" one that was doing terrible. I am very impulsive! Probably not a good idea in real life because I lost a few hundred dollars from it. It is really cool to see updates every 15 minutes.
And the best part about the site...the REAL money you can win with contests. AND the loyalty points you can earn for doing stuff on the site like making trades and logging in. Loyalty points are redeemed for gift cards.
Fun and money?! Can't beat that!!

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