Monday, November 3, 2008

Sold! Getting rid of stuff to make way for more stuff

My house is lik a giant ball of clutter. You can barely walk anywhere without running into or tripping over something. So in an effort to do good to the house and to get back some money to buy clothes (and other needed items) for the family I am trying to sell some of our old stuff. I started with baby stuff since I don't expect to have anymore. We have lot of old baby clothes and some other things. First thing I listed for sale was on my local Yahoo sales group and also on my local Craigslist. I uploaded my pictures on Share a Pic which pays $.22 per 1000 views (remember, I do almost nothing for free! Though I won't lie, the site is almost more trouble than it is worth). I posted a doorway infant jumper for $5. Sold in a day. Almost made enough to pay for the pink sparkly ballet shoes and pair of jeans that I picked up from someone else on Craigslist. Those together cost $7. So now I am behind $2.

I also have some stuff on consignment in one store. Most of my funds there I have already spent on some new pants for my daughter since she is growing out of all of her 3t clothing and we have almost nothing that is 4t (anyone have anything to donate?) But when I go pick up the leftovers in the beginning of December I might have some more money there. I will most likely just use store credit and get new clothes for everyone- we all need them. I wish that was just me being a clothing whore but unfortunately it isn't. I have 8 or 9 pairs of pants but only 2 or 3 pairs actually fit me. I have NO long sleeved shirts that fit and WINTER is coming fast in PA. My oldest son has plently of pants but he is growing out of all of his shirts. My daughter, as I mentioned before has almost nothing in 4s but that is what she needs. My baby boy needs everything. We don't do shoes so I won't even bother looking for those and I just bought him some socks. But he has so few clothes that I am doing laundry 3 times a week just for him.
And did I mention that our DRYER broke, we have VERY LIMITED space to line and hang dry...AND it's cold out a lot now. But line drying has advantages like stiff jeans that make us itchy. Oh yeah, it also saves us some money!

Anyhow, I also listed some baby boy 0-3 month clothing. All of it is in pretty good condition- it was brought to my attention that there are a few stains on some of the stuff but I had trouble seeing them and there is some wear on a few things but no holes or rips- if it were me buying and I checked it all out I would totally buy it, especially at less than $1 per item! I have 19 things- all winter stuff like pants and long-sleeves and a jacket. I have that listed for $15. Is that too much? Because I have no buyers.

That is all I have so far. I have gotten together approximately 50 items to bring to the consignment shop though I don't like making the 25 minute trip so I try to find other reasons I could go out there. It is close to the only local Home Depot and I have a $25 gift card to use there courtesy of Gather. I could buy a new door handle for our backdoor since we don't currently have one. They only take 50 items per visit. I was thinking of trying some other consignment shops too. Most of them have terms I do not like. One place makes you pull your own items at the end of the consignment period. Ha! Like I could do that with 2-3 kids in tow. So that one is totally out. Some want everything on hangars and some require that anything unsold goes straight to charity. Sorry, but I am practically a charity case myself. But I need to start calling other places to see where I can take my stuff. That will get rid of it much faster. Some of them might even take household items, which I have too much of. People give me stuff assuming I want it and I DON'T...but I don't have the heart to reject things.

I think I will stick to baby items, clothing and household goods that are just sitting out. Then I will move on to more. Start small...start small. I have to keep repeating this!

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