Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trying to "go green" but it's more like going broke

For quite some time I have been interested in the green movement. Everytime I learn about something new I try to do some research, mainly looking at cost. I get to a site and the first thing I note is their mention of how "it will save you in the long run". As I read that statement my hope abandons me. That says to me: "it's gonna cost you a fortune!" And of course I am always right. I know how they can justify it- you are doing so much for the future and the earth. But how am I supposed to pull hundreds or thousands of dollars out of an empty bank account? Especially when I need to feed my family NOW- not in five years.
But I do do what I can. I buy those cool light bulbs. They don't last as long as they promise but they do last much longer. Savings on my electric bill? No clue. A plus: you don't need to constantly change your light bulbs! Good for us since our "ladder" is usually a wobbly chair. Who needs a stinkin' ladder?
I turn off lights when I am not using a room. Unfortunately everyone else in the house compensates for my savings by making sure you can see our house from space no matter what time it is.

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