Monday, November 3, 2008

Unemployment- at least we have something, but I want more

Jason lost his job on October 13, 2008. Forget plans to have a vasectomy- that costs about as much money as we will be making a month or maybe more. Shoot, we might as well forget Christmas. Anyway, he got approved for unemployment so while he is off and looking for non-existant jobs he is also SUPPOSED to be going back to school. I already got all excited over that but I forgot who I was focusing on and realized this weekend that I should NEVER EVER look forward to something when it comes to him. He does what he wants, when he wants and it doesn't matter that he has 3 kids and a girlfriend that have to work around HIS schedule. I'm starting to think that Everquest will forever be more important than anything else and that he will not be going back to school (more about that Everquest crap later).

Before he lost his job we had about $3,000 in the bank from tax returns. Now that we will be getting way less than $400 (closer to $300) a week, we are quickly losing that saved money and we will start having serious money troubles soon. We just got a van back in June which costs $400 a month. Our mortgage is around $600 a month. That plus insurance is what we will be making a month with his new paycheck.
So the same day he got fired I took on a job babysitting full time. But I only getting $50 a week from that. But $200 extra a month is something. That will pay the electric bill and the house phone.
Preschool I paid in full at the beginning of the year so that is something I won't have to worry about anymore.

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