Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Playing our first game on the Game Wave- Letter Zap

When my Game Wave (read all about it here) arrived I had to wait for Jason to hook it up for me (which SEEMED to take forever!). It wasn't difficult at all but I don't like to do that stuff. Plus our entertainment center didn't have a spot with an outlet hole so he had to drill that before we could plug it in.
My 7 year old son Zachary, Jason and I put in the first game- Letter Zap and we each chose a remote. My son was a little too eager to get the game going so he bypassed the directions and we were prompted to choose names. Then we went right into a game. There was a big screen with letters all over the place- sort of looked like a word find. We were blindly playing and it was obvious! We had no idea what to do and how to do it so we just let the timer run out and went back to the main menu.
We discovered that there are actually two different games to play on this disc. One is a 4 player game where you race to make the most words out of the letters on the screen. Every time a word is created and submitted those letters disappear. If two or more people are going for the same letter only the quickest player will get it. The more letters in a word the more points you get for the word. It is hard to get big words when multiple people are going for the same letters! You can set the timer for 3, 5 or 10 minutes for this game.
With the second game, each player gets their own box and the letters never change. The player who gets 10 words first wins the round though it appears that points are accumulated through each round as well and the winner has the most points, not the most round wins. I cannot remember what the time limits on this game are but it is the same every time.

After we read all of the instructions we started playing the first game again. This time we understood and had a good time. My son was even able to enjoy it and found a lot of words. We let him have words if he annouced them before we started to use them. It's a really bad idea to annouce your findings during a competitive game...though also hard to not do when you get really excited! I was consistently the winner of this game!! I love word games. We tried playing with each time limit and decided that we all preferred 5 minutes. 3 feels way too short and 10 is too long. With more players 10 minutes might be ideal.
After playing a few games we decided to try out the other game- the one where you each get your own box of letters. Jason was better at this game but we all agreed that it isn't nearly as fun to play.

We ended up spending the rest of the evening playing Letter Zap- up until it was time for Zachary to go to bed. We all love this game- it is great for all ages! Even my 3 year old daughter wanted to join in the fun. She accidently got a few words too! She didn't stay as interested as we were but had to try it out because of how much fun we were having. She did love being able to have her own remote so we let her set hers up even when she didn't play the whole way through. So far, this definitely is a family game system!

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