Friday, January 9, 2009

My birthday weekend

I have a busy weekend planned. My birthday is on Sunday January 11. I will be 27. Last year didn't seem like a big deal but this time I am kind of freaking out- I am stressing over getting older this time.

Tonight I am going out with one of my friends to a bar. I won't be able to stay out long because of Jonas but I think it will be lots of fun and I am looking forward to getting out. Tomorrow we are going to go to my grandma's and my niece is going to order some pizza and get some ice cream cake (yes, we are aware that it is WINTER but it is SO good!). Sunday- my actual birthday- my mom is going to make me curry and bring it over. She has been unemployed for a really long time so she doesn't have much to offer me so she said she would make me that for my birthday. She let me choose any food I wanted and I didn't hesistate to pick! I can't make curry and I love it so it had to be that. Then in the late afternoon/evening we are going over to Jason's dad's house to celebrate a little more. Last week we went to my other grandma and grandpa's house for a late Christmas celebration and my grandma gave me an awesome pair of pjs. Funny thing was that the idea was running through my mind because the last pair I got I really hated and the pair before that are almost 4 years old- I wanted a new pair. I wear a few other things to bed too so the old ones stayed in good condition but nothing can ruin a good sleep like uncomfortable clothing so I was totally thrilled to get these adorable, comfortable and warm pajamas!! She got a really nice pair too. I am used to cheap pjs from Walmart or Target. They are totally different from what I am used to!

Then at the bustop this morning I heard that it is going to start snowing tonight and will keep going ALL DAY tomorrow and into Sunday! I hope this doesn't ruin my plans. Hopefully it won't be so much that we are stuck. I have heard conflicting stories- from 1-6 inches from one source and from 6-12 from another source. I always do love a good snowstorm.

I was almost born in one...27 years ago my mom was pregnant and past her due date. It started snowing in the days before I was born and on the 11th my mom started feeling some contractions. She knew it was going to happen and knew the weather was bad but was tired so she took a nap. When she woke up she was fully in labor and she said the snow had gotten really high. They couldn't drive to the hospital on their own so they had to call an ambulance. She ended up having to lie down in the snow while she waited for them (and they either got lost or stuck while she waited) and was sure that I was either going to be born in the snow or on the ride. They ended up making it and I was born sometime around 6 in the evening at the same hospital that all of my kids were born.

Not entirely off topic: my mom had a roommate who had a baby boy the next day, January 12. I was always aware of this growing up and I was always interested in birthdays and who shared mine so whenever I met someone I would ask their birthday and where they were born. I met two guys over the years who were born in York on Jan 12, 1982. One of them I met through a church youth group that my best friend invited me to. I remember asking him some questions and when he told me that info I commented, "maybe you were my roommate when we were born." Funny thing is that I never said that when I met the other potential. I spoke to him every so often- he was a fun friend though we only hung out a few times just by chance but I never did learn whether or not he was my roommate. When we were 18 or 19 I got news from some friends that he died in a car accident going to or coming from Maryland. I felt really sad even though I had many friends with whom I was much closer. Normally I don't feel that way when I am not that close with a person. My mom called me shortly after I found out about it and said, "Did you hear about the car accident where they boy from York died? That was your roommate when you were born." I told her I knew him which surprised her. I always had a feeling that it was him. Just a little story- sorry to bore you all!!

Anyway, I hope all goes well this weekend and we have a great snowstorm that still allows me to get out and do what I want! I am such a selfish birthday girl :)

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