Monday, January 12, 2009

Playing the Game Wave- Gemz

Read more about Bzz Agent and the Game Wave game system HERE

We tried and loved our first game on the Game Wave- Letter Zap. I let my 7 year old son choose the next game and no surprise- he picked Gemz. Of all the games that came with our system that one looks the coolest in the eyes of a child. All of those pretty diamonds and shiny shapes.

So we put it in and once again he was too eager to read the directions before starting the game. This one seems to only be a two-player game. I couldn't find an option to add more players so Zachary and I played and Jason watched. We knew the concept of the game but couldn't figure out what we were doing.
I quit after spending a game not being able to figure it out. I have never played this game anywhere and kind of assumed it would be very similar to Tetris. We went back and read the rules before trying again. And NOW we get it! The idea is to match like Gemz in groups of 3 or more. You are given one gem style to match and you can only trade places with pieces that will make the match go into a group of 3. Does that make sense? I'll have to make a video of us playing so this makes sense! Half of the time you can't find anything but when you do you are given a new gem to try to match. If you can't find anything then you have to move to the next assigned Gem and lose 50 points (I think it was 50).
Zachary played for a few minutes then handed over his controller to dad. Jason and I played through the game but decided we didn't like this one. We both kept saying, "It would be so much better if it were more like Tetris!" Zachary preferred to watch rather than play because he had trouble understanding that he wouldn't always have a match and couldn't figure out how to change it. I think he would have liked it if it were more like Tetris too. Maybe Game Wave will come out with something more like Tetris (HINT)!!

We might play this game in the future but only if we are bored with the other games. It just isn't that fun or entertaining.

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