Friday, January 23, 2009

Playing the Game Wave- time for trivia!

We visited with Jason's parents a lot over the holidays and since they are big fans of games (especially trivia) we had to bring the Game Wave over so they could try it out. The same night we played Letter Zap with them we also tried out some trivia. With my Bzz Kit I received 2 trivia games: 4 Degrees- The Arc of Trivia Volume 1 and ReWind.

First up was 4 Degrees. Jason's dad and Kt, Zachary, Jason and I all joined in. In this game there are 6 categories to choose from: Art, History, Science, Sports, Lifestyle and Geography. With 4 degrees each player picks a category when it is their turn and that player "rolls" a die. All players are playing for 50 points each round except the player choosing the category- when they roll the die they are playing for the amount of points that they land on. Then you are given your challenge. You are shown a fact and 4 choices for the anwer. The first fact you are shown will be vague and if you don't know the category well you probably won't know the answer. If you do happen to know you can guess and you get lots of points. But BE CAREFUL! Once you make a choice, you CANNOT change your answer! If you guess wrong you lose the standard value of points (50) or if you were the player rolling the die you will lose the amount that you rolled.
The second degree hint gives a little more info than the first. You are given 4 degrees of hints and by the fourth hint you are able to earn very little points. But by the 4th hint you will be able to answer the question easily.

Then we tried ReWind. In this game there are 10 categories to choose from but they are not always the same categories. There is a broad range of questions that can be asked. The person with the lowest score gets to pick the category (with the exception of the first round, of course). You are given multiple choice questions. The counter starts at 1000 points and if you guess immediately and get it right you get all 1000. The longer you wait to pick your answer the lower the points go. But be careful because if you guess wrong and have to change your answer you lose a Re-Take. You are given 6 re-takes at the beginning of the game. If you are the player with the lowest score and get at least a score of 500 (I think it is 500) then you are given extra re-takes. While your possible score gets lower you are given more clues as to what the answer is. You get 4 clues before your time is up. That last clue is usually a dead giveaway. Up to 6 people can play this game but it can also be a one player game. It is a lot like the Buzz Time Trivia game that is available in restaurants and on digital cable.

Even though Zachary didn't know most of the answers he was still able to play and have fun guessing. Later in the week we played a few more times with them. When Jason's uncle Mike came home from Germany he had to get in on the action too. At one point we were fighting for remote time because everyone wanted to play!! These two games are fun, interactive and involve the whole family. But they can also be enjoyed alone. Definitely a thumbs up for ReWind and The Arc of Trivia!

Want to read more about these games and the Game Wave system? Just click on the Bzz Agent category on my blog homepage.

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