Friday, January 23, 2009

Playing the Game Wave- Letter Zap family challenge

Over the holidays we were able to spend a lot of time with family. Jason's family in particular is fond of games. I had to bring the Game Wave along whenever we went over in case we had time to play. As soon as it was mentioned that I had it, Kt (Jason's step-mom) insisted we give it a try. I recommended Letter Zap (Tag). So KT, Jason, Zachary and I all grabbed a remote. Amara decided she wanted to play too so we gave her a remote and set her up as well. We invited Jason's dad to play but when he learned it was a word game he decided to sit and watch before making a decision to play.
For our first game we set it for 5 minutes. The challenge? Beating me!!
Our game began and we all raced to get as many words as possible. There were shouts of joy when someone would get a big word or beat someone else to a word. There were cries of unfairness when someone would snag someone elses word. We gave Zachary a little bit of a handicap. I won our first game. Jason's dad decided this game was NOT for him but asked us to call him when we played the trivia games.

Trying for big words- for any word- when you have 3 adults racing you is very difficult! The competition is fierce and fun (as is the name-calling!). We haven't played many games in the past few years though we all enjoy it. We had such a blast playing this game and played it for almost an hour. We tried all three time limits and decided that 5 was perfect (I think that was our decision at home too).

Letter Zap is a hit everywhere!

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