Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A chilly morning; a warm, sunny and breezy afternoon; a thunderstorm to end the day

Yesterday morning was chilly in South Central PA. It was probably in the 50s and I almost turned the heat on again. I was down because I was thinking it would be this way all day and didn't really feel like dealing with another cold day in Spring.

But then at 11:30am when it was time to take the girls to pre-school I went outside and it was perfect! Sunny with big cotton candy clouds. A perfect breeze and the temperature was just right. A jeans and t-shirt kind of day, which is my kind of day!

After school we all played outside, started working on our "Make It" crafts, colored with sidewalk chalk and I took a few pictures of the fun. It was just so nice!

Zachary drawing some circles while taking a break from his craft.

Amara is practicing her shapes and letters.

Jonas is thinking that he might be able to get to the road before I get to him.

Then we all went inside and about 20 minutes later it started raining. The thunderstorm soon followed. Twice when the thunder came it was followed by a strange crashing sound (that sounds dumb, but that is what happened- a normal thunder crash, then the crash of something on the ground, I guess my idea of what an earthquake would sound like). I'm not sure what it was but it scared me and Amara came tearing down the stairs asking what happened. Zachary said, "THAT was NOT thunder!"

I love thunderstorms. This one wasn't a long one. I did tape it with my camera for the sound- you couldn't really see anything because of the clouds. I wish it would have stayed longer!

Not sure why this video won't work. I used the embed code from Gather. I'll have to bring the issue up to them to see why it won't function correctly here.

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