Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My first trip to RiteAid using their rebate program.

I recently made my first RiteAid shopping trip with the intentions of taking advantage of their rebate program. In no way did I come close to getting the deals that some on Gather have, I think I did alright for a first-timer. The following day I ended up going back because I missed a really good deal, and I ended up picking up a couple other things during that trip too.
For my first trip I mostly ended up using coupons and in-store offers that didn't require signing up for the rebate. I paid $2 each for two bottles of Herbal Essences conditioners after the in-store offer and a $2 off coupon. I paid $5 for two 6pks of Coke (Jason drinks them at school) after the in-store offer and a $1 off coupon. I paid $2.49 for Colgate toothpaste but I will be getting $1.50 back from that. I also bought lightbulbs- I needed 100w regular lightbulbs for Amara's Easy Bake Oven and there was a tag on the generic ones for $.99, regularly $2.29. I ended up paying regular price for them though, because the offer was expired by the time I bought them, they just hadn't removed the sign. Annoying, but my fault for not looking closer. Not astonishing, but I'm happy with it :)
Later that day I noticed that there was a Huggies offer for $3 in rebates, plus they were on sale for $8.99. I also remembered having a coupon for $1.50 off so I went back the next day after a meeting with Zachary's school. So I paid $4.49 for those (I never buy Huggies but couldn't pass up that deal!). I also found Veet on sale for half off and had to grab it (I don't really use razors but use Veet and Nair all the time).

Not great, but a good start! I am going to make a plan for this week for all three stores- CVS, Walgreens and RiteAid. I am going to search my coupons, make lists and go prepared. Not easy with all the kids coming along, but I think I'll find my way. I have to get a CVS card because I've never had one. I assume they will let me shop on the day that I get it- hopefully because I usually only go out the way once or twice a week and don't really want to make an extra trip.

It was so easy to register on the site and enter my receipts online! I was SO scared (new things always stress me out, scare me badly and make me so nervous that I usually end up avoiding it altogether which is why I am just starting now) but I had nothing to fear. It was so so easy. Entering receipts online is a simple few steps- you just enter the store number, register number and transaction # and they do the rest for you! Plus you can create a shopping list on the site based on their rebates for the month. How cool!!

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