Monday, April 6, 2009

My Homepage Friends (formerly My Search Funds) closes site to US

In a surprising twist, My Homepage Friends (paid to search site) has decided to no longer support users from the United States. Shocking, considering that the US is usually pretty low on the click fraud scale, compared to some other countries. I'm not sure the US has ever been banned from using a GPT-type site. Guess that wasn't the case with MHF. Too bad, because I enjoyed earning with them. It wasn't much but when you are a stay-at-home mom making money online, everything cent matters.

Recently I attempted to do a search with MyHPF and was re-directed to a page with the following message:

Due to a change in the terms and conditions of our partners we are no longer able to offer our service in your country. Due to the significant amounts of click fraud, the countries we are able to offer a service are:
United Kingdom

If you are in one of these countries and are receiving this message, please contact us in the usual way. Please note that if you are not in one of these countries, you will still earn money on affiliates who are. We thank you for using our service and once we have been paid by our partners we will be paying you your outstanding balance regardless of whether you have reached the £20 or not. Due to the changes they have implemented this may take a few months but rest assured you will be paid. Please ensure that you have entered your payment details. Thanks again for using our service!

It's great that they will still allow earnings on affiliates that are in those countries for people who have worked hard to gain those referrals. Even better is their mention of paying everyone, no matter if they reached the minimum payout amount or not. Many sites do not make this offer and will just take your money and run.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that in a few months I will be receiving approximately $15 USD from them.

Swagbucks has always been my number one search site but MyHPF was always number 2. I have a few backups that I guess I am going to need to start using from now on, to maximize my earning potential!

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