Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Promo Squad: Listen to Music, Rate Music, Earn Points, Get Prizes!

Do you like music? Do you like free stuff? Then Promo Squad is a great place for you. When you register with Promo Squad you have the opportunity to earn points every time you listen to music and rate it, take the polls and more. Some of the music you listen to will be new, and others will be recent releases.
Prizes from Promo Squad include raffles, movies, gift cards, cds and more. Prizes change all the time so if you don't see something you like it still may show up in the future. You can always e-mail the PS staff and beg for your prize choices too :) Right now raffles start at 300 points and prizes start at 1000 points ($10 gift cards).

It's always fun to hear and vote on new music- to have a say in what's going on in the music world. If you know someone who has some talent in music, someone who wants to be known, you can even try to hook them up with a contract...and possibly earn a $1000 finders fee!

Right now I have 200 points at Promo Squad. I redeemed for a CD once, and received it within a few weeks.

I love free stuff, and I love sites that actually do what they promise. Promo Squad fits the bill!

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