Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Desktaurant Date- first one is today!

As a member of Gather, not only do I get to enjoy great people, great conversations and great (and free) gift cards for participating: I also have the opportunity to be a product reviewer and/or try out free stuff from sponsors. In this case, Gather is having Desktaurant Dates, once a week on Wednesdays (from today til the end of May) from 12-3pm EST. The Desktaurant Date is an open chat for Gather members. The purpose is to "Pretend that we’re all sitting around the breakroom table gossiping and talking about the latest stories!" It is open for 3 hours so that members from all of the time zones can join in on the fun.
50 Gather members were choosen to receive coupons for FREE Oscar Meyer Deli-Creations sandwiches to eat at these Desktaurant dates. Other Gather members will have the chance to win free coupons during these chats, plus 5 members at each chat will win 250 Gather Points!!! (That is almost halfway to a $10 gift card!). If this isn't incentive enough to join Gather now, I don't know what is!

I was one of the members picked to receive coupons and I was very excited. I love free stuff, especially food!

I got my coupons in the mail on Monday so Jason and I stopped at Walmart to pick up 2 Deli-Creations sandwiches- one for each of us. I told Jason that he had to review it if he wanted to eat it!
I don't shop at Walmart often so this was the first time I have seen the price of Deli-Creations there. Their normal price is only $2.50. I usually buy all of my groceries at Giant, where I can earn Gas Rewards. But the normal price for Deli-Creations there is either $3.50 or $3.99! Their sale price is still more than Walmart's, at $2.99. They have never been cheaper at Giant. I really don't like Walmart and I REALLY hate shopping there (I always have unplesant experiences that range from employees refusing to acknowledge that they even work there to them not moving when I am trying to get something from an aisle to customers running their carts right into me while I am trying to push a cart and carry a baby- all while staying on MY side). But when I find a specific thing that is equal but that much cheaper I have to re-think what I am doing. I won't buy meat there and will only buy fruit if it looks better and is from the US.

Anyway, Jason picked the Honey Ham and Swiss Deli-Creations sandwich. It comes with Honey Ham, 2% Milk Reduced Fat Swiss Cheese, Country White Sub Roll, 1 packet each Light Mayonnaise and Deli Mustard (the spicy kind with horseradish). This sandwich contains 440 Calories, 140 from Fat. 15 grams of Fat (23%), 5g Saturated Fat (25%) and 0g Trans Fat. 60mg Cholesterol (20%), 1380mg Sodium (57%), 50g Carbohydrates(17%), 3g Dietary Fiber (12%), 14g Sugars and 27g of Protein (38%). Vitamin A: 6%, Calcium: 30%, Vitamin C: 25%, Iron: 20%. They also compare how much less fat it has compared to using regular Mayo and Cheese.

I had trouble deciding what I wanted to try first. I ended up going with the Mesquite Smoked Turkey Breast with Monterey Jack Cheese Deli-Creations sandwich. This sandwich comes with a Country White Sub Roll, Mesquite Smoked Turkey Breast, Monterey Jack Cheese with Jalepeno Peppers, 1 packet each Salsa and Southwestern Style Ranch Dressing. It contains 450 Calories, 160 from Fat. 17g Fat (26%), 6g Saturated Fat (30%) and .5g Transfat. 55mg Cholesterol (18%), 1170mg Sodium (49%) 51g Carbohydrates (17%), 4g Dietary Fiber (16%), 12g Sugars and 25g Protein (33%). Vitamin A: 8%, Vitamin C: 35%, Calcium: 20% and Iron: 20%.

So...these are NOT for anyone looking out for their health or weight! For the size of the sandwiches I would prefer to eat it with something like chips. But that is probably not a good idea, unless I want to meet most of my bad dietary needs in one sitting. Maybe I could settle for something healthy on the side like a pickle.

...Review of the Honey Ham and Swiss Deli-Creations Sandwich...

I have had the Ham and Swiss sandwich before (complete Nutritional information profile located above). The sandwich is a nice size, but a little pricey at the regular price at my local grocery store. I have since discovered that Walmart sells them for only $2.50, which is less than the sale price at Giant and that is a much better value.

I hate swiss cheese so I was afraid to try the Honey Ham and Swiss- I kept searching and hoping that somewhere they had available a Honey Ham and Cheddar or American Cheese. But the cheese in this sandwich is so mild that you barely notice it. Tastes sort of like Mozzarella or Jack cheese. It was the first time I have ever been able to tolerate the flavor.

I can tell that the Mayo is light, which I am not fond of. Light Mayo is so bland, I would almost rather go without. But the spicy mustard more than makes up for the lack of flavor in the mayonnaise. I remember the honey ham not having a strong flavor. It sort of tasted like regular ham. I cannot remember if I feel the same about Oscar Meyer's regular deli honey ham. The mustard helped make up for the lack of flavor there too.

The bread was really soft, and not chewy at all, even after being microwaved. It was so surprising!! It was actually more firm before being microwaved, because of being refridgerated. I think that the bread choice is good for this particular sandwich, though I would be pleased with wheat or whole grain as well.

The verdict: Good but not fantastic. It should be more flavorful with either a different cheese or the option to buy it will regular-fat products instead of the low-fat. Just a little too mild for my taste. I could fix that when I eat these at home by substituting the mayo with some from my fridge, or adding something extra to give it the kick I need.
The Honey Ham and Swiss would go well with something salty, like chips (Martin's Waffle Barbeque Chips IN the sandwich...mmmmm!), but based on the nutritional information (57% DV of sodium!) it wouldn't be a good idea to add much more salt to the meal.

Hopefully Jason enjoys it as much as I did and hopefully I like my Mesquite Turkey!! He is adamant that I do not "ruin" his sandwich by microwaving it. He asked how crazy I was for even THINKING it!! I am looking forward to his reaction when I do it anyway and he gives it a try.

In case you want to know how these size up to other sandwiches, here is the link to Subway's Nutritional Information.
Please note if comparing that the subs with "6 Grams of Fat or Less" do not count cheese in that math. None of the sandwiches include mayo or other condiments unless otherwise noted.

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