Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Glade Fragrance Collection: I'm not sure if I'd rather eat it or burn it.

I was shopping with my mom for Amara's birthday present at Target and we stopped in the candle aisle when we were finished. The first candles I saw were from Glade's Fragrance Collection so I grabbed my mom to make her see what I was Bzzing about. I told her about Bzz Agent a few times and recently Bzzed to her about the candles but she hadn't checked them out yet. She is always on the lookout for good candles at a good value because she uses them when she gives massages (she is a Massage Therapist). I showed her the one that I had at home- the 10oz Currants and Acai. She thought it was alright but was more receptive to the possibility of buying it when I told her that it wasn't as strong when it was burning. The price was a huge selling point. She had no immediate needs for candles but those will be added to her list of ones to buy.

Target also had the Orange Vanilla single wick soy candle. I called her over and her eyes lit up (so did mine!). I remember when I was growing up that Orange Creamsicles were one of her ice creams of choice and I grew to love them too. They are so sweet and creamy with just the right amount of tanginess. We smelled it and both said, "mmmmmmmm"! It was exactly like the ice cream! Exactly. I wanted to eat it. I want creamsicles!

I didn't buy one but I wanted to. I hadn't brought any coupons along and had a budget I needed to stick to on that shopping trip. But I'm buying one of these in the future, no doubt!

A few days ago I was in my local grocery store and saw the McIntosh Apple soy candle from the Collection. I smelled that and it smelled like a very tart apple. A little bit too much of an apple soap scent but still VERY yummy. It doesn't smell like the apple pie scents that most apple candles smell like, which makes it unique. I'd buy that one if I had a coupon and the Orange Vanilla wasn't available.

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