Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Fragrance Collection by Glade: The unboxing Bzz and a candle-lit bath.

When I received my Glade Fragrance Collection Bzz Kit in the mail I was surprised at how pretty the packaging was. I opened the shipping box to find another box- this one a pretty red with the words "indulge yourself for a little." running across the center.

I opened this box to find my Bzz Guide, some adorable invitation-style coupons to share and a large round tin that housed the candle. The coupons contain scent samples and $3 off coupon. The candle tin- a 10oz Currants and Acai, multi-wick soy based candle- was surrounded by "berries" which was a nice touch. They were very creative with this campaign!

As I opened the package the smell was super strong. A very good smell but so intense. I was a little concerned that it would be overwhelming when lit and I wouldn't like it. I have a sensitive nose and I don't like overly strong smells. It hurts to breathe when something is too strong!

I decided immediately upon opening it that I was long overdue for a much needed bath. After the baby was down for his nap I occupied the older children and ran a bubble bath. I grabbed my current book (Lisey's Story by Stephen King) plus an entertainment magazine just in case I needed something different. I found a lighter and lit the candle once the bath was ready. I settled in and started reading. Within a minute (we have a small bathroom- 6X9) the fragrant aroma, a much milder version of what I smelled when unlit started drifting toward me. It absolutely was not overwhelming. It was actually the perfect amount of smell. It was very relaxing and I was able to enjoy it for about 45 minutes before I had to get out. That amount of time barely put a dent in the candle! It left a pleasant lingering aroma for a little while after I put it out.

Since burning the candle that first time I haven't been hit by the too strong scent that I smelled the first time I opened it. Every time I walk by it unlit I get just a hint of scent, which I really like.

I swear it's like the candle knows how much scent can be handled in a room and acts accordingly. It's a smart candle! When I burn it it seems to release just the right amount of scent no matter how big or small the space is. I get the same strength in a tiny space that I do in a large room.

The best part about this candle is that it is just as good as the expensive candles but for a fraction of the cost. I don't like to pay a lot for candles but quality matters too, so it's hard to find the perfect balance. I get everything I like out of these candles. With the coupon offers that come out often I will be more likely to buy these in the future.

I smelled the samples in the package and I must say that I am impressed with the cotton scent. I normally hate that smell but it's more realistic that most cotton scents. Still a little too "fabric softener" for my taste though. The Lotus Bamboo is pretty good. I don't know what either smells like in real life but I don't think it would smell like this. The Bzz Guide describes it as creamy and rich and I definitely agree with that. The majority of the scents in this collection would be ones I couldn't identify if asked to. So the only ones that I have real expectations of are the apple and orange vanilla.

The Fragrance Collection candles are available in the following:

10oz multi-wick soy based candles: Currants and Acai, Sheer White Cotton and Lotus Bamboo. Retail $8.99

4.9oz soy candles: McIntosh Apple, Earthly Awakening and Orange Vanilla. These candles are not 100% natural but are all more than 90% natural. Retail $5.99

Reed Diffusers (12 reeds and 1.62 fl oz oil): Currants and Acai, Sheer White Cotton and Lotus Bamboo. Retail $8.99

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